Blog Description: Tips to write in an Effective way with Examples

Are you facing an issue about writing a perfect Blog Description?

don’t worry, your solution is here.

Do you know? Description plays an Important Role in branding & for increasing Traffic.

So that’s why I am writing this post, and I am giving some important tips to write a Perfect Blog Description

Hey Guys, I am Ravindra Singh and Today I’m gonna show you how you can write a perfect blog description for your blog and also I am giving you some Blog Description Examples.

There are two types of Description for Your Blog

  1. Blog Description – This is a description of your entire blog which appears under your home page link in Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).
  2. Post Description – This is a description for single blog post which appears under your blog post link in Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).

How to write the Blog Description

In addition to having a meta description for each of your blog posts on your blog, it is also necessary to have a meta description of your website or entire blog for the home page.

It gives information about your blog so that your reader understands what this entire blog is about.

If you use Yoast SEO, then you can write a description of your blog in this way.

Blog Description on Yoast SEO

and, if you are using RankMath SEO or any other SEO Plugin then you can write a description of your blog in a similar way.

So I hope you will understand how you can write a description of your blog.

Now, let’s move for some blog Description Examples……..

5 Best Blog Description Examples

Here we will see some examples of blog descriptions so that you can understand in a good way that how you have to write a description for your blog.

So let’s look at all the examples one by one and understand how this is perfect

Example 1: WPBeginner

Blog Description Example 1

Example 2: Backpacking Matt

Blog Description Example 2

Example 3: Sweet As Honey

Blog Description Example 3

Example 4: MyFitnessPal

Blog Description Example 4

Example 5: GuideBlogging

Blog Description Example 5

He tells about the subject he has covered and has also added an Attractive line “Proven Blogging Strategies to Grow your blogging Business” This attracts his readers and that is why readers visit his blog.

Now let’s move on how to write post meta Description…

How to Write Blog Post Description

Blog post description is the description of your post and in this description, you write about your post what you have covered in your post.

Now if you use Yoast SEO, go to the post edit section and then scroll down, you will see a section meta description, which we call blog post description and also known as meta description, or You can see in the picture below how you write a description for your blog post.

Blog Post Description on Yoast SEO

Note: If you are using RankMath or any other SEO plugin then similarly you can go in the post editor section and find the meta description section and write your Post Description in this Section.

wait, before you write a description for your blog post, I would like to give you some Pro Tips so that you can write a perfect description for your blog post.

How to Add Blog Description on Blogger

Some people use Blogspot and if they do not know how to write a description of their blog in Blogger, then you can write a step by step blog description by looking at the picture below here and also you can see step by step guide.

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Click on “Search Preference”
  • Right Side: Enable Search Description? Click on “Yes”
  • Write Your Description and Click on Save

Blog Description on Blogger

So, friends, you can write a description of your blog on Blogger in this way.

Write Blog Post Description on Blogger

Now if you want to know how to write the description of your blog post, then you can learn from the below picture or step by step guide and, you can write the Description for the blog post.

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Click on “New Post”
  • Right Side: You Can See “Search Description”
  • Write Your Description and Click on”Done”

Blog Post Description on Blogger

So this is the way you can write your blog and blog post description on Blogger.

Some Tips to Write Perfect Blog Post Description

To create a high-quality blog post description, we need to add something to it so that we can write a correct description, and the description should be eye-catching so that your readers can click on your article as soon as they read it and click on your article and Enjoy it.

1. Add Your Targeted Keyword

Yes, you should add your keyword to your description, adding your focus keyword to the meta description helps readers or searchers understand the topic of a blog post.

2. Don’t Use More than 160 Words

Words of the description of your post should not exceed 160.

3. Use Some LSI Keywords

Try using the LSI keyword to make Google understand what your post is about and it makes your description look natural and doesn’t even cause keyword stuffing.

4. Use Some Power Words

You should be using power words into your Description because Power Words helps you to Increase CTR and also you can use Power Words For your Blog Post Title so that your CTR will be Increase.

5. Add Call to Action

Adding Call to Action to your blog description is very helpful for you because our readers immediately take action and read your article, You can use the below-given CTA in your description.

  • Click Here
  • Click here to know more

6. Catch User’s Problems

first, you should catch your User’s problem and after that mention the problem you have solved in your blog in the description.

7. Use Conversational words

You should use “I” and “You” to make your words conversational. It keeps your words connected to your readers.

Watch this video so that you can understand the meta description in a better way and you will understand how to place your main keyword well in your description.


1. What is Blog Description? 

A Description of your entire blog which appears under your home page link in SERPs.

2. What is Blog Post Description?

A description of your blog post which appears under your blog post link in SERPs and, Here you write what you have explained in the blog post.

3. What is the Perfect Length of Blog Description?

You have to use a maximum of 160 words in your Description and if you use more than 160 words then some part of your description will not be shown in SERPs.

4. Should I use LSI Keywords in my Description?

Yes, you can use LSI keywords along with your main keyword in the description and for Find LSI Keywords You Can Visit at LSIGraph.

Now It’s Your Turn

Yes, It’s Your Turn………..

I hope you have understood this topic well and now you will be able to write a good description for your blog and blog posts which is also good for SEO and attract your readers too.

Now, If you think that the post here proved beneficial for me, then you must share this post. because Sharing Is Caring.

and, tell me in the comment box, which part of this post proved beneficial for you.

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